Mission Statement

Our mission is to make every day “Bright” by providing a warm and friendly environment where everyone can feel safe, supported and challenged. We assure parents a peace of mind knowing children will be given quality enrichment experiences to guide them through the “Beginning” stages of life.

Bright Beginnings prides itself on providing a clean, safe, nurturing, accepting, and educational environment for children, families, and staff. We like to focus on the importance of family, and how strong morals and values play a crucial role in the development of young children.

Bright Beginnings is an extension of our own personal family which means we treat everyone as family. We have high expectations and want only the best for our family. We are always encouraging and supporting our staff to work towards their own individual goals.

At Bright Beginnings, we understand the value of offering children a balance of structure and freedom. The children engage in planned learning/investigation times and are offered many opportunities for free play. This balance fosters social, emotional, and academic success. Children learn and grow at their own individual pace while discovering the value of cooperation in a group setting.

We have plenty of materials and equipment that allow children to learn as they play. Our variety of outdoor playground equipment provides many opportunities for growth and physical development. We understand the importance of staying active and make sure that children get plenty of active play throughout the day.

Our Bright Beginnings community is committed to developing healthy, confident, creative and kind individuals. The foundation we provide helps us all recognize the importance of our roles in making a positive impact on the world around us.

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